I'm Back x

Sorry I have not been posting recently - I have been having a really busy and exciting time working on various projects. I will be posting much more over the next few weeks. 

I don't like to do posts without photos - they seem boring. So here is something more interesting:

I am going on holiday this weekend so write a comment and guess where I am jetting off to. If you guess correctly I will send you a souvenir. Just... Because. 

Here is the clue: There are more than 26,000 people living in each square mile and it would cost you over £150,000 to have shot dog stand permit for a year. 

Leave your answer in the comment box - Ends Saturday.



Situation Camden.

So, I went to London. This usually means visiting tourist hot-spots and going to see a musical in the evening. But I wanted to do something different this time. I have never been into Camden before, but it is a place I always hear people talk about. It was different for sure, but fun. The smell of fresh food from all around the world, freshly baked cakes and cookies and enough merchandise shops to fill my hometown. 

The actual market at ‘Camden Lock’ is much smaller than I thought. But everywhere you look there is food (this can only be a good thing). Food from every country - there is even Oliver’s fish and chips. But the greatest stall of them all is the cookie and Chocolate bar. 

If you are planning to go to the market in camden go and find this lovely lady and buy one (or two) of her cookies - they are incredible. I would personally recommend the peanut butter! 

It’s fun mooching through the stalls and food bars - here is what I found: 

Ollie x

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My Hideaway

Welcome to my little home from home. This is a little cosy coffee & wine house opposite my mums giftware shop in Chepstow (Country Clutter), It's called ‘The Lime Tree’(HQ). 

The dim lighting, low ceilings and relaxed atmosphere escape you from cold and cloudy England... I say that it's hideaway, but really there is no hiding involved - My mum is the most popular woman in the south west, so we cant go anywhere without seeing a familiar face. But I like this place. They make beautiful coffee, the decoration is unique and the food is great. It’s also not overpriced.

 The array of photographs mounted on the wall that have come from all walks of life through history have inspired me for various film making ideas. The music they play is from unsigned artists and contributes to chilled vibes, which makes for a nice blogging & editing spot. 

This cosy place is only a 10 minute penny ride on Jess from home. Incase that sentence made no sense to you: Penny boards are small plastic skate boards which originated in Australia. I have recently bought a new one, well... just because. They are small, light-weight and great for darting about on. Oh, and I called mine ‘Jess’ - She’s so pretty. 

This week has been a quiet week for me after the studios closing up for a week but I am off with my family to London this weekend so look out for the chaos that the Burton’s are about to inflict on the big city! (I will keep you updated).

Wednesday lunchtime has been and gone so we are over that mid-week hump - it’s almost the weekend!.. Almost. Cheers to that! (Excuse the overuse of exclamation marks = Too much coffee).

Ollie x

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