My Hideaway

Welcome to my little home from home. This is a little cosy coffee & wine house opposite my mums giftware shop in Chepstow (Country Clutter), It's called ‘The Lime Tree’(HQ). 

The dim lighting, low ceilings and relaxed atmosphere escape you from cold and cloudy England... I say that it's hideaway, but really there is no hiding involved - My mum is the most popular woman in the south west, so we cant go anywhere without seeing a familiar face. But I like this place. They make beautiful coffee, the decoration is unique and the food is great. It’s also not overpriced.

 The array of photographs mounted on the wall that have come from all walks of life through history have inspired me for various film making ideas. The music they play is from unsigned artists and contributes to chilled vibes, which makes for a nice blogging & editing spot. 

This cosy place is only a 10 minute penny ride on Jess from home. Incase that sentence made no sense to you: Penny boards are small plastic skate boards which originated in Australia. I have recently bought a new one, well... just because. They are small, light-weight and great for darting about on. Oh, and I called mine ‘Jess’ - She’s so pretty. 

This week has been a quiet week for me after the studios closing up for a week but I am off with my family to London this weekend so look out for the chaos that the Burton’s are about to inflict on the big city! (I will keep you updated).

Wednesday lunchtime has been and gone so we are over that mid-week hump - it’s almost the weekend!.. Almost. Cheers to that! (Excuse the overuse of exclamation marks = Too much coffee).

Ollie x

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I Love Instagram

Because my blog is new I thought it would be a good idea to share with you a few photos from my Instagram feed to bring you up to date in 30 seconds on my last two years. 

Instagram is great. It is my favourite social media platform - it shows you just the good stuff. No annoying adverts (yet) or lots of conversations between people that you don’t want to read about. It’s quick snapshots - a live scrap book. Even my Mum is on Instagram and she is one popular Mum with over 1400 followers!

Its not even so much about the content that people post onto Instagram, its the way people record day after day the highlights of their life, which I like scrolling through (except those people who think posting a photo every minute is just as great, these people are wrong; keep it simple & keep it fresh). 

The other part that interests me about Instagram compared to Facebook and Twitter is the lack of “share & re-tweet” functionality. This makes trying to get your photos out there much harder. Is there a formula? Who knows! But if you do know - i’d love to hear about it. 

Whats next? I’m thinking... follow: olsburton (why not? - It’s free!)

Dreamy x

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Birthday Celebrations

18 years old. She is 18 years old. Wow... Where have those years gone?! Today is my little sisters (Katie) 18th Birthday. I love birthdays, I think I actually prefer celebrating other peoples than my own, they are simply great. 

While enjoying the flowing champagne and good conversation I do miss those brilliant Birthday parties from the 90’s. The times of dressing up as Peter Pan and turning up to a friends birthday which was usually a disco run by someone called Dave. Blasting out the dulcet tones of S-Club 7, The Ketchup song and of course; The Cha-Cha Slide. Or for the hardcore party goers: Laser Quest (Running around a big dark room with laser guns trying to shoot people on the opposite team). With the teenage cheek I managed to be one up on the enemy during Laser Quest as I would cover the sensor on the ‘body armor’ so I would never die (sorry guys). 

But the best moment of those parties were... Party Bags. It isn’t even your birthday and you get given a bag of treats to take home with you. Win win situation. What could be better than some sherbet filled flying saucers, a Drumstick and a Yo-Yo? Those were the days. I would love to see the reaction on my friends faces now if after one of my birthday parties I gave out birthday bags... I might try this, just to show you. I’m sure they would love it!

With a house full of lovely people, lovely food in the oven and champagne in hand perhaps I will forgive my sister for the lacking party bag situation. 

Happy Birthday Katie!

Cheers x


National Television Awards 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen please take your seats. We will be going live in 30 seconds. 

Yes, this is so two months ago but It is something I want to share with you. Back in January I attended the National Television Awards (Hosted by Dermot O’Leary and transmitted live on ITV1). 

It was the perfect excuse to buy a new flashy suit and have fun. We were invited to the Awards as seat-fillers. (Just incase you didn’t know - live television awards usually have seat fillers on standby so that when the celebrities pop off to the free bar and have a few cheeky beverages the seating area you see on the TV doesn't look empty). 

I was lucky enough to take Paul O’Grady’s seat after he accepted the award for; Best Factual Entertainment programme (‘The Love Of Dogs’). To celebrate Mr G & Co headed to the bar and I scurried along to fill his seat. Loving the experience of sitting in probably the comfiest seat I have ever sat in, slap bang in the second row from the front, on the red carpet with a full O2 arena behind me. Not to mention the fact that the man sitting directly in-front of me was Alan Carr. To my right Ant and Dec and behind me Joey Essex and Amy Willerton. It is fair to say it all felt slightly surreal.

This was a night I won’t forget in a hurry. The loud bass rumble through the stadium. Being surrounded by what felt like every celebrity at once - I am not someone who gets star struck but the glitz and glam was on top form. After the awards we bumped into fellow BOVTS graduate Olivia Colman (she’s so lovely). 

Enjoy the cheesy iPhone snaps of paused Sky+ - Photographer credits go to my over excited Mum. 


Thats a Wrap x 

*Sorry about the terrible quality of the photos* 



'CATS' The Musical

What’s A Jellicle Cat?

“Jellicle Cats are Black, and White”... Jellicle Cats have red hair? Maybe? Ok... So recently  has been a cool time for me. I had the lucky opportunity to meet and work with the cast of Andrew Llloyd Webber’s ‘Cats The Musical’. Primarily based within the Stage Management department as an ASM (Assistant Stage Manager).

Since Cats first opened on the West End stage in 1981, it has become one of the world’s best known and best loved musicals. With a plot based on T.S Eliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats and award-winning music composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber; Cats, originally directed by Trevor Nunn, has since been presented in over 20 countries and in about 250 cities, including such diverse destinations as Buenos Aires, Seoul, Helsinki and Singapore.
The show has been translated into 10 languages: Japanese, German, (three versions for Germany, Austria and Switzerland), Hungarian, Norwegian, Finnish, Dutch, Swedish, French, Spanish (two versions for Mexico and Argentina) and Italian. The Swiss production required a bilingual cast who performed in German and English on alternate nights. The title of the show has rarely been translated, the Mexican producers did a survey as to whether the Mexican audience would like their production to be called Gatos – the response in favour of keeping the English original was unanimous.

It was amazing to be part of such a lovely team and beautiful production, even if it was only for a short period. I hope I one day re-join the company for more purr-formances (that was terrible, I know. But, I just had to - Sorry). 

If you want to catch the show head over to their website:

Meow x




Welcome to my blog! Nice and roomy isn't it? 

This is where I will share some of my silly thoughts, photographs and the bits and bobs I get up to. I am fascinated by the fact that I can be here in my bedroom talking to the lovely person that you are. So to start this is who I am:

I am Ollie. A 20 year old Red Head who lives in Bristol (UK). I am currently half way through a Theatre & Film production degree course.
 I am a keen photographer and Film Maker who likes to photograph and film everything (because why not!). Each great moment is over in a flash which is why I love capturing everything. 

I also think coffee shops and cereal are the greatest.

- In a nutshell that is pretty much Ollie. 

If you want to keep up to date with a little bit of Ollie (highly recommended) then just follow this blog and for instant updates come and join me on twitter @Oliver_Burton

Dreamy x

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