I Love Instagram

Because my blog is new I thought it would be a good idea to share with you a few photos from my Instagram feed to bring you up to date in 30 seconds on my last two years. 

Instagram is great. It is my favourite social media platform - it shows you just the good stuff. No annoying adverts (yet) or lots of conversations between people that you don’t want to read about. It’s quick snapshots - a live scrap book. Even my Mum is on Instagram and she is one popular Mum with over 1400 followers!

Its not even so much about the content that people post onto Instagram, its the way people record day after day the highlights of their life, which I like scrolling through (except those people who think posting a photo every minute is just as great, these people are wrong; keep it simple & keep it fresh). 

The other part that interests me about Instagram compared to Facebook and Twitter is the lack of “share & re-tweet” functionality. This makes trying to get your photos out there much harder. Is there a formula? Who knows! But if you do know - i’d love to hear about it. 

Whats next? I’m thinking... follow: olsburton (why not? - It’s free!)

Dreamy x

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  1. Hello lovely, I have nominated you for the upcoming bloggers Liebster Award, to find out what this means visit my blog

    (ps this isnt a spam thing :)) Xx

    1. Hi Lauren. Thank you for that! - Sounds cool :) xx


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